The primary goal of METALLI PRESSOFUSI has always been to understand and meet the wide-ranging needs of its customers, ensuring high levels of quality and providing efficient levels of accessory services.

For these reasons, and thanks to its commitment to "continuous improvement", METALLI PRESSOFUSI was certified under standard EN ISO 9002 (now ISO 9001:2008) by TUV THURINGEN in September 1999.


Particular care is given to the purchase of raw materials - the basic starting point for achieving the highest quality standards in die casting.
A melting furnace and a modern degassing/purification system to treat molten metal with salts and nitrogen make it possible to bring the aluminium alloys to the highest degree of purity.


The production processes are constantly monitored by visual supervision and by measurements made using gauges and measuring instruments that are periodically inspected; the castings undergo radiographic inspections "on line" using a next-generation fluoroscope.


Lastly, METALLI PRESSOFUSI has established collaborations with qualified external laboratories to carry out many different tests on the items it manufactures, including chemical analyses, leakage tests, structural and mechanical tests, 3D measurements.