The story of METALLI PRESSOFUSI begins many years ago in the town of Lumezzane, near Brescia, when Giuseppe Bugatti puts together all the resources he can find and opens a small workshop for the manufacture of brass and alpacca forks using the sand casting method.


Those were the years of the post-war reconstruction, when Italy and the rest of Europe were in a state of organizational shambles, and setting up a business concern was a pioneering undertaking.


Then came the economic boom, and in the early 1970s the Lumezzane factory was considerably expanded. METALLI PRESSOFUSI continued its steady growth and by the year 2000 the premises had become too small, so the company moved to its current location in Berlingo, also in the province of Brescia.


In 1999, in reward for the efforts put into achieving total quality, METALLI PRESSOFUSI was granted the ISO 9002 certification.


Over all these years METALLI PRESSOFUSI has continued to invest in professionalism and know-how to establish itself as a reliable supplier of aluminium and zamak die-cast items meeting the highest standards of quality required by the market.


METALLI PRESSOFUSI believes in working with enthusiasm and innovation, a systemic approach that will continue to guide the company into the third millennium.